Squash - Girls' JV
Sacred Heart Greenwich
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Win 7-0
Sacred Heart's Thirds team could only field a team of 4 players today due to injuries, illnesses, and other factors. That meant that matches 5, 6, and 7 were automatic forfeits in favor of Taft. As such, Taft only needed to win one match today to win overall. Taft more exceeded this goal by far, as every girl won her match! Maddy Meister (#1) started out with two definitive wins against a solid competitor, and pulled ahead in a close final game (12-10) to win her match 3-0. Whitney Bartol (#2 today, as Lulu Brauer was absent) and Katie Salnikoff (#3) both dropped their first match but did let it rattle them and came back to win the next 3 straight. Katie in particular really turned things around, going 11-2, 11-0, 11-3. Lucy Rand (#4) was actually the first player to finish her match and seal the win for Taft. Lucy went 3-0 with a consistent upper hand over her opponent. We are all celebrating Lucy's cast removal! Sadie Kargman (#5), Cierra Ouellette (#6), and Sophie Sheumack (#7) all played best 2 of 3 in what were technically exhibition matches, given the unusual circumstances of the day. Sadie beat SHG's #2 2-0, Cierra beat their #3 2-1, and Sophia beat their #4 2-0. The Rhinos are off this coming Wednesday, but look forward to a rematch against Hotchkiss on Parents' Day!