Basketball - Boys' JV
Westminster School
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Win 62-40
The Rhinos defeated Westminster 62-40 in a sloppy affair, one which did see contributions from up and down the roster. The team was led by Isaiah "curtain call" Hernandez with 13, who fittingly left the court with a deep three-point exclamation point to his career with Taft Bball. Lani "butter stroke" Adedoyin chipped in with 12 of his own and a dramatic and-one play to punctuate his fine career. Henry "Bones" Anrig and Tiger "Sleek Step" Zhang also finished their Taft career with class, leaving the court for the final time to standing ovations. The season was fraught with heartbreak, but the boys battled hard the whole way, never quitting in the face of numerous injuries, illnesses, absences, and other set-backs. Their effort was outstanding from cover to cover and they have much to be proud of from their work this winter.