Hockey - Boys' Varsity
Hotchkiss School
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Win 3-2
The Rhinos beat Hotchkiss on the final day of the season when captain Billy Dobensky scored a beautiful top shelf goal in OT. 3-2 Rhinos! The things I’ll remember about this season are many, and I hope you will all think back on these memories fondly. The 2018-2019 season began with pizza at Coach Calore’s house and the team’s commitment to early morning workouts, captains’ practices and Tonelli sessions in the fall. The excitement of tryouts and new gear carried into our Thanksgiving Jamboree, which began with The Office episodes in the Wrestling Room. The Ego Burn ceremony up in Concord was part of a successful trip up at St. Paul’s, where post-win dance celebrations and Player of the Game interviews started, and the first Nails Nuts and Bolts jar didn’t last long- shattering all over the floor. The D’Arco cup victory at Berkshire was a great team effort and a highlight. Sleeping on the floor at the Lawrenceville tournament and cockroach hunting were not, but raising the trophy and the family dinner most definitely were. Don’t forget the visit from Elvis! Or all the work you put into Prentiss workouts and Macho Mondays. And learning how to optimize performance in the nutrition presentation and video sessions. Then there were the bus garbage skates, Taylor Swift Tuesdays and Kangaroo Courts. And, of course, our season sweep vs. Choate, and big wins vs. NMH, Loomis, and Hotchkiss in OT, twice! Thanks go to Coach Calore for his locker room design, equipment management, skate sharpenings, last second rivet repairs and goaltending expertise. And to Coach Bender for his yellow laces, stories, wisdom, psychological support for players and coaches alike, and strong social media presence. Thank you to Rachel, Maggie and Serg for taking care of guys’ injuries and rehab. And to Brian McCleary’s ice crew and Pat O’toole’s laundry services. And to Jack Kenerson for his time keeping. And of course, to the parents for always supporting the team. Live-streaming, Biosteel, post-game meals, post-game cookies, the snack bar...and special thanks to Lauren Tonelli for help with post game nutrition and organization. A huge thanks to Ellen Dobensky for everything you’ve done over the last 4 years supporting Taft and specifically the Taft hockey program including the organization and planning of tonight’s banquet. (Flowers) It was a season with ups and downs, beautiful goals, ugly goals, big hits and huge desperation saves. We had 1999 birth years and 2003 birth years. We had 6’6 and 5’7...218 lbs and 140 lbs. We are from Illinois, California, NY, NJ, MA, CT, Cayman Islands, Quebec and Japan. We were vulnerable with each other and showed courage and grace when faced with adversity. And we had Numbers! (??) You Seniors have left your mark on the Taft hockey program, and just as your names will live on in your stalls among fellow alums, you will forever be a member of the Taft hockey family. I am proud of all of you and your growth on and off the ice here at Taft. Wherever you go after leaving Odden Arena, remember to seek opportunities to live by our Motto: Non ut Sibi ministretur sed ut ministret. Not to be served but to serve.