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New Englands
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Lake Quinsagamond
Lake Quinsagamond
NEIRA recap
The Taft Rowing team traveled to Worcester, MA for their final regatta of the season. Based on their regular season results, all four varsity boats qualified to compete in the regatta. Conditions in the morning were ideal: flat water and cool temperatures. The wind and heat built through the afternoon but our girls handled the conditions really well. All girls competed hard and should be proud of their efforts on this weekend and throughout the season.
A special congratulations to our seniors: captains Annie Gilland, Maggie O’Leary and Hayley Jubitz who were competing for the Big Red one final time. Joining them are seniors Taline Almasian, Claudia Vira and Sophie Webb! Thank you for all that you have done for Taft Rowing!

The girls’ first four of Hayley Jubitz ‘19, Zoe Kemper ‘20, Liz Carlson ‘20, Elly MacKay ‘20 and Maggie O’Leary ‘19 entered the final weekend of their season ranked #6 in New England. In their preliminary heat, they raced against #1 Winsor School, Lincoln School, Groton, Newton Country Day School and Dexter-Southfield. In this race, Taft fell behind Winsor and an inspired Groton crew in the early going. Despite their best effort, Taft was unable to make up ground on these lead crews. Winsor won the heat and Groton finished second, both crews advanced to the grand final. Taft was able to finish 4th and earn a berth to the petite final after fending off a plucky crew from Lincoln. In the petite final, Taft put on a burst of speed at the start of the race despite a very stiff headwind. They built a commanding lead by the halfway point over the other crews in the race (Lincoln, NCDS, St. Mark’s School, Duxbury, CRLS). Taft was rowing inspired and leaving these other crews without any response. As the race neared the finish line, Taft’s early effort began to show and the other boats gained a sense of urgency. Taft was able to hold off a charging boat from NCDS and win the final by 0.1 seconds to place 7th overall.

The girls’ second boat of Mason Delafield ‘22, Logan Clew-Bachrach ‘20, Sarah Sawyer ‘20, Eugenia Torbar ‘21 and Erin Farrell ‘20 raced in a morning heat against Deerfield, Choate, St. Mark’s School, Gunnery and Lincoln School. Taft had a strong start and led the race in the early stages. Taft was eventually overtaken by a determined Deerfield crew but remained ahead of Choate through the middle section of the race. However, the effort that Taft put into the early stages of the race eventually wore down the girls and they were passed by Choate in the final 500m of the race. They ultimately finished 4th which qualified them for a spot in the petite final. In this race, the girls from Taft rowed a very determined race. They trailed a surprise crew from NMH but stayed firmly ahead of a pack of other chasing crews. Taft finished 2nd in this race to earn an overall 8th place finish in the regatta. Their final race was the best of the season and they should be incredibly proud of this accomplishment.

The girls’ third varsity boat of Sophie Webb ‘19, Mare Gandarela ’21, Claudia Vira ‘19, Posey Durling ‘21, and Rose Gasser ’20 entered the spring championship seeded 6th in New England. In their morning heat, Taft had a powerful start, propelling them to the front of the pack with #2 Choate and #3 Groton. As they settled into their race cadence, Choate had taken a clear lead with Groton and Taft close behind. Taft’s move at the 500m mark pushed them ahead of both Groton and Deerfield, steadily taking seats back from Choate. The close race continued into the last 500m, with Choate, Taft, and Deerfield entering the sprint fairly even. Taft responded to Deerfield’s early move, driving them ahead of Deerfield and even with Choate. Taft crossed the line in second place with a time of 5:54, just 0.9 seconds behind first place Choate and 0.9 seconds ahead of third place Deerfield. All three crews advanced to the Grand Final in the afternoon, where they would race St. Mark’s, Winsor, and Nobles. In the Grand Final, Taft had a commanding start to the race, putting them in the mix with leading crews, St. Mark’s, Choate, and Winsor. Taft’s move at the 500m mark propelled them ahead of Winsor, taking seats away from Choate, where they maintained their speed in the middle 500m. It was a tight race as all crews entered the final 500m; however, Taft edged out Winsor with an early sprint, now shifting their focus to run down Choate in the final strokes of the race. Taft crossed the line in third place, behind second-place Choate and first-place St. Mark’s. Following their race, Taft docked at the awards dock to receive their bronze medals, where they were cheered on by family, coaches, and teammates. This was an exciting end to a very successful season. The girls worked incredibly hard to earn the title of the 3rd fastest crew in New England.

The girls’ fourth varsity boat of Taline Almasian ‘19, Merrill Bright ‘20, Annie Gilland ‘19, Eliza Ford ‘22, and Rachel Peverly ‘20 entered their championship race seeded 9th in New England. In their morning heat, Taft had an uncharacteristically slow start, finding themselves behind Nobles, St. Mark’s, Deerfield, Brooks, and Northfield Mount Hermon early on. Throughout the first 500m they were behind the other five crews, but kept a steady and powerful cadence. Many crews tend to tire during the middle 500m of the race; however, the Taft crew held strong and made up some ground on Brooks and Deerfield, who fell behind the leading boats, St. Mark’s NMH, and Nobles. Taft fought their way to fifth place entering the final 500m of the race, where they increased their stroke rating and their power in the sprint to finish the race. Taft placed 5th with a time of 6:15, 5 seconds behind 4th place Deerfield and 5 seconds ahead of 6th place Brooks. The girls rowed their hardest race this season and should be proud of their accomplishments this year.