Boys' Soccer - III
Salisbury School
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Salisbury School
Win 4-1
The Taft Boys Thirds soccer team traveled up to Salisbury School on a lovely Saturday afternoon in October to attempt to avenge and earlier loss to the Saints. Both teams came out fired up and playing with vigor and creating scoring chances. Taft scored the first goal of the match in sort of an odd manner as the ‘bury ‘keeper was caught WAY off of his line. Michael “Denmark ” Nissen gained possession of the ball about 35 yards out and popped in a long shot on two bounces, Taft ahead one-nil. Next Taft built a good scoring chance that led to a good shot from Connor Walsh that bounced off the GK to Brendan Staines who buried a very nice shot low and near. Well done, lads! I was really hoping to get into halftime up two-nil but then Taft defense gave up a very soft corner and then a very soft goal following that corner. I got a little upset following that activity but my clipboard survived. The whistle blew and the half ended with Taft ahead two-one The second half began in the manner that it ended, with both teams playing with good energy. Salisbury Thirds is a much better team than they have been in the past as they speak a lot more spanish on the field than they have in the past, simple correlation? Taft earned a PK in the 43rd and lo-and-behold Kevin Lian stepped forward and buried his freebie low and left. Well done, Kevin! Then there was A LOT of back and forth and Salisbury desperately tried to recover the score with a goal or two. However, Taft’s back line of Tyme, TJ, Ayden and Bang with Robert and F-Bomb subbing in was very stout and denied the lads in maroon repeatedly. Finally, I subbed out the front seven and looked like a genius when Stephen Mayer headed a goal kick forward to Connor who assisted Abdullah on a lovely goal a minute before full time. The final whistle blew and our lads had earned a hard-fought four-one win. Bravo us! It was a very pleasant drive home through beautiful foliage yesterday. Ryan Egan and Aidan Chan both played well in the goal for Taft and David Ma had a good game in the center. Max Keller showed good energy during his minutes, as well. We’ll practice hard on Tuesday (Community Service Day tomorrow) and then travel to Berkshire on Wednesday to try and keep this good thing going. See you there!