Boys' Soccer - III
Trinity-Pawling School
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Trinity-Pawling School
Win 6-2
On another lovely Wednesday afternoon in early November, the Taft Boys Thirds soccer team traveled to Trinity Pawling to play the always-tough Pride. We arrived before T-P squad at their field, had a decent warmup and were ready to go! Taft opened the scoring in the 7th minute as Owen Wyman assisted Matt Sheinberg with a lovely negative ball. Next, Matt scored in the 9th minute off a rebound off the pretty-good T-P keeper. Then, Taft earned three yellow cards for incidental swearing and failure to play the ball. You can ask your boys if they were one of the lucky ones to earn a card. Back to soccer, Connor Walsh sent a lovely right-footed cross to Kevyn Gunawan who trapped the ball nicely and then sent in a side volley in the 29th minute. Next in the 34th minute, Kevyn scored again off of a scrum in front of the goal after a corner from Connor. At half-time, Kevyn called his mom in Indonesia to report that he had scored two goals. She was very pleased. The first half ended with Taft ahead four nil but not playing very well not very elegantly at all. The second half began as the first ended with both teams playing listlessly. T-P opened the scoring in the 40th minute as a long cross from the corner somehow floated in over the Taft defense. I did not get upset I am very pleased to report. Taft got that goal back in the 51st minute as Matt Sheinberg sent a lovely through-ball to Will Henderson that Will tapped in. T-P earned a PK in the 56th minute as a T-P forward bounced off of Taft ‘keeper Ryan Egan and fell to the ground. The referee somehow thought this was a foul and awarded T-P a PK that was converted. Taft got that goal back in the 61st minute as Michael “Denmark” Nissen made a tremendous individual effort to beat three defenders in the T-P box and then send a low shot by their ‘keeper. Both teams played the final nine minutes with low energy and the match ended with Taft ahead six two. Not great but a win’s a win. Then our lads headed for Chipotle in Danbury on the way back to Taft. Our bus driver was amenable and a few of the boys ordered ahead so we were in and out in no time. Some of the boys even ate two burritos the size of a newborn baby. Incredible! Then the boys learned the definition of rush-hour traffic as it took us about 90 minutes to travel the remaining 23 miles back to Taft. Alas! Anyways, this is my final match of the year as I have to travel to Princeton to do some work for the College Board creating the APES exam for two years hence. Coach Cuicahua will take over as head coach against Hotchkiss ably assisted by Coach Scarano up from Fourths and perhaps Coach Norledge out of retirement after the end of his robotics assignment. I am sure that they will do a fine job and do their best to bring home the W to Taft. It has again been a real experience coaching the Thirds team this year at Taft, one that I will never forget. Get on up to Hotchkiss this Saturday if you can, 2PM kickoff! Cheers, JL