Boys' Soccer - III
Berkshire School
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Berkshire School
Loss 1-5
The Taft Boys Thirds soccer team traveled up to Berkshire on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon to play the lads in green, the Berkshire Bears! Both teams came out strong and moved the ball around a big, flat, lush soccer field. Taft got an early header on frame for a Berkshire save and Ryan Egan made a good save on a close-in shot near post in the first fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, Taft made a foolish foul in the box and the Bears converted the PK into a goal. Almost immediately afterwards Berkshire returned the favor and Abdullah Alkazemi converted the PK for Taft to tie the match at one. Soon after Berkshire sent a long cross in from the far right that found a Bear head for a lovely goal against a disorganized Taft defense. Then Taft gave up a corner soon after that eluded our defense and found a Berkshire boot for a three one lead for the boys in green. Taft almost earned our own spectacular header goal but Will Henderson’s attempt off of a cross from Connor Walsh just went outside the far post. The first half then ended with Berkshire ahead three one. After a lively pep talk from yours truly, our boys came out and dominated play for the first ten minutes of the second half. However this great pressure did not result in a ball put behind the Beak goalkeeper. Then Berkshire earned a long free kick in the 52nd minute that a lad in green put over the four-man wall and over the Taft goalkeeper and into the net for a disheartening four one lead. The last goal was the result of defensive mis or non-communication in the far back that resulted in an excellent chance for a Berkshire offender that was converted into a goal. The final whistle blew and the match was over and we had lost five one, alas. In the back, Kevyn Gunawan, Tyme Kumthampinij, Robert Ciaola, TJ Gresham, Alex Peng, David Ma and Aydan Cinel all played well and with determination. We worked fairly hard but our fitness was subpar and our soccer skills are still lacking at this late date. That desire to improve has to come from within and some of our lads are lacking that desire and it spreads to the other boys in practice. Coach C and I are working hard to instill a drive to excel and succeed in these boys but it has been a tough uphill slog mostly. We will keep trying until the final whistle on Hotchkiss Day. Our next match is this Saturday afternoon 26Oct19 on Family Weekend against Kent. See you there!