Boys' Soccer - III
Brunswick School
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Loss 4-7
Today Taft displayed a lackluster effort against Brunswick. Many players were late to the field for warm up despite my repeated entreaties to please be on time. That attitude carried over into the match despite my efforts to positively reinforce what good activity I observed. Taft scored an own-goal six minutes into the match due to defensive non-communication. The response of the players on our bench was to get up as one and clap for their teammates who probably already felt pretty down over this error. Coach C and I are doing our level best but you can’t coach that attitude out of young men in four 75 minute practices and two 80 minute matches per week. Brunswick had some good, tall, fast players who were too much for our defense to contend with, especially with the midfield frequently walking back on defense. Therefore the Bruins scored seven goals. Taft scored four goals, one each from Will Henderson and Max Keller and two from Brandon Staines, including a thirty yarder when the Brunswick goalkeeper was caught off of his line. Aidan Chan played well for Taft in the goal in the second half and Owen Wyman had a good match at right mid. Our next match is this Saturday at home against Avon Old Farms.