Boys' Soccer - III
Canterbury School
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Canterbury School
Loss 1-3
Last Wednesday, the Taft Boys Thirds soccer team traveled over various hills to reach New Milford and play the Canterbury Thirds/JV team. Both teams played hard on a tough, bumpy field with Canterbury opening the scoring in about the 16th minute. I say “about” because the weather was simply dreadful soon after kickoff. At first it was simply very windy. The wind was soon joined by a strong rain that continued through the end of the match and our drive home to Watertown, alas. Therefore my match notes were quickly destroyed by the rain. I’m pretty positive we were down one-nil at the half. Taft opened the scoring in the second half fairly early with a flurry of activity in front of the ‘bury goal. The ball popped out to Owen Wyman who simply passed the ball into the Saints’ goal to tie the score at one-one. No big windup or maximum strength needed, just an easy ball far post and a goal. Unfortunately, Canterbury came back strong after that and quickly went ahead again two-one due to what I call defensive politeness. When the other team attacks, we often contend with the ball with either two defenders or none due thinking that the other defender will mark the attacker with the ball. This often leads to a good scoring chance for the other side and sometimes a goal, deep sigh. We have practiced defensive communication and alignment quite a bit in practice during the week. These concepts have not quite yet sunk in to our fellows’ soccer minds. Then Canterbury scored again on a scrum in front of our goal that we couldn’t quite clear out. A headball clearance went the wrong way and was soon put past the Taft goalkeeper. Once again we had many good chances to score that we did not properly finish, including ANOTHER missed penalty kick. Thus, we have worked over the past two days on building very good scoring chances and then taking shots on-frame to increase our chances of scoring and perhaps winning another match. Taft’s GK’s Aidan Chan and Ryan Egan played well as did Kevin Gunawan, Ayden Cinel, Alex “Bang” Macdonald, Robert Ciaola, Alex Peng and Tyme Kumthampinig for the Taft defense. Our next match is tomorrow Saturday 19Oct19 at Salisbury at 3pm. See you there!