Squash - Girls' Varsity
Sacred Heart Greenwich
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Loss 1-6
Taft 1 Sacred Heart 6 The Rhinos had a great challenge today facing off against Sacred Heart, a team that is currently ranked #2 in the league. Both teams were missing two of their top ladies with Taft missing #’s 3 & 4 and Sacred Heart missing #’s 2 & 3, so by the #3 spot, everyone was lined up correctly. The Rhinos fought hard, but Sacred Heart showed the depth of their team taking all but one match. In the first round, the evens stepped on court. At #4, Tiffany Tam showed good hands and almost took the second game, but did not have the consistency to beat Annie O’Connor losing in three games 5,9,3. #6 Katie Salnikoff worked hard in her match swapping scoring runs with her opponent. She was not able to take a game and lost in three 6,5,3. The # 2 match was the match of the day. Sadie Pollack took on Sabrina Schwarz and it was a battle from the first point till the last. The first game was a back and forth battle with each athlete looking to take that early game lead. Sadie got a slight early lead but Sabrina went past her and was leading 9-6. Sadie’s crowning glories of the day were her positive attitude, her stinging attacks and her tenacious, run everything down, defense. Sadie caught Sabrina at 9 all and then pulled ahead in overtime to take this crucial first game 13-11. Game 2 saw Sadie take a lead midway with her aggressive volley play and she won this game 11-6. A seasoned competitor, Sabrina fought back with determination, taking the next two games 11-6,11-8. The fifth game was a back and forth battle till the last moments when Sadie took a 10-7 lead. Sabrina tied things up at 10 all but Sadie maintained her positive attitude and composure taking the game and match 12-10. A great match against a great competitor. In the second round, the odds took the courts. At #3, Annabel Pick fought hard with her love of power and her strong competitive mindset. She was matched up against a skilled competitor and while Annabel scored a number of points in the first two games, she could not score much in the third game, dropping the match 7,5,1. # 5 Maddy Meister matched up against a competitor with even better hands than Maddy and she dropped the match in 3 games. #7 Lulu Brauer showed how much she has improved in recent weeks with her stinging straight short drives earning her a number of points in two of the three games. Lulu dropped her match 5,1,6. At #1, Carolina Salvatore took on one of the top players in the league, Caroline Fouts. Carolina played confidently, attacking when she had the opportunities, but Caroline’s athletic skills were impressive and she not only chased down Carolina’s attacks, but had super tight responses. In the end, Caroline Fouts proved too much for Carolina and she took the match in three games 3,2,2 proving why she is so highly ranked. The ladies played well today against a top ranked team and should be proud of all their level of play. Thank you to our wonderful support crew, including the boys varsity team. We appreciate all of the support. The ladies are now 7-6 and will play again this week against Miss Porters at home on Friday at 4:30. Come to support if you can! Coach J Chandler