Boys' Soccer - JV
Deerfield Academy
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Win 2-0
The Taft Rhinos kept the ball rolling against the visiting Deerfield Greendoors on a day perfect for soccer. Taft was able to get possession early and put pressure on the Deerfield defense early with Wats Littman, Kotaro Wato and Kaiden Parsons all combining upfront earning shorts and looking the dangerous side. Brendan Staines, Oliver Lufkowitz and Noah Cinel all pressed well and kept distributing balls for the forwards to strike with. Kotaro was the first to get on the score sheet and put in the game winner in the 11th minute of play when Kaiden Parsons fed him a ball from the right side. Once again the backline for Taft was strong and kept the chances for the visitors sparse. Cayden Van Dolah, Andrew Jaroch, Nero Maung and Kaeil Casserly set a defensive tone early that Thomson Knight and Owen Wyman helped maintain. Kojo Asmah, Camilo Pinto Gonzales and Quinton Ross came on in midfield and kept the energy high for the home side. In the 31rst minute, Luca Gatti ran onto a ball fed in by Liam Dhumale-Smyth. Luca tipped it to the left of the defender and finished to bring the score to 2-0. The second half saw more even play for the two sides, but keepers Jack Eastman and Julian Prentice split time to earn the third clean sheet in a row. If I was them, I would be taking the defensive core out to the Jig for an ice cream. This team is working well together and practicing hard every day. There is a pause on the game schedule for the international break. A pause in game play won’t dent their drive and work ethic and they look forward to carrying on versus Suffield for the next tilt.