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Trinity-Pawling School
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Trinity-Pawling School
Win 5-0
Press: The Pride of Trinity Pawling kept strong defensive organization in the first half. What did your team do to break down the Pride? Coach: Yes it is true that the home team played well today on a great day for soccer. Their passion and discipline made it hard to break them down. While early on we did not stick to our plan, we eventually settled down and started combining to create scoring pressure. Quinton Ross, Noah Cinel, and Brendan Staines helped controle things through the middle of the pitch. It was the energy of Camilo Pinot Gonzalez who helped animate the side. Camilo’s impact was felt on the first goal as he connected with Kataro Wato in the 39th minute of play. Kataro received the pass and danced past the defenders to notch home the first goal of the game. Press: Taft seemed to have few substitutes coming off the bench, but finished the game with a flurry of goals. Are you concerned with the fitness of your squad? Coach: The work rate of this group of young men at every practice is focused and strong. This has helped them build their fitness. The fact that every one of them is ready to play at every moment and disappointed to be pulled off the field speaks to their desire. Clearly the missing players are impacting our ability to perform our best, but every player is looking to step up and ready to give 100%. This can be seen in the runs the wingers are willing to make and the willingness of the defenders to put their bodies on the line to denend. Press: The referees had some interesting calls that might have been reviewed if VAR was allowed. Do you think VAR should be required for your league? Coach: While we might disagree with the referee on occasion, we can only control ourselves and our reactions. When offsides are being called that are clearly in error. We can;t complain, we find new ways to break down the other side and keep focused on ourselves. This was evident in the second goal of the game as it was a full team goal with Kayden Parson getting a distribution from the back line. He then combined with Kotaro who fed James Cooper who found the side netting in the 24th minute. This team does not say die and just keeps putting forward a strong effort. Press: The defense has played a pivotal role in the success of your team. Recently many players have been absent for various reasons, are you concerned that your team is not deep enough to face such a challenging schedule? Coach: Clearly we are ready to have the next player step up and fill their role as we saw today. Kaiel Casserly and Nero Maung anchored the team as Centerbacks and Thomson Knight and Wats Littman played well as starting fullbacks despite not having these roles early in the season. The result was the same, with another clean sheet for Taft. Press: Your team was unable to score until just before the end of the first half and Trinity Pawling was creating quality chances including appearing to have scored first. What do you need to do to help your team reach the next level? Coach: We are doing what we need to. We have a young team and they need to trust the process. As these skilled players learn the system, they will be able to face any side. The last five minutes of this game demonstrates that as Kotaro got the brace on a pass from Watts, Camilo scored off a throw from Thomson and Quinto pounced on a loose ball to score as time ran out. This team performance was complete and made the coaching staff proud. Press: You have Avon Old Farms up next to continue this brutal road schedule. We know they will be improved and ready for revenge. What are you doing to make sure your team is ready? Coach: We look forward to every competition. I can only control the things that I can control. That is passion, respect and responsibility. Our team knows what that means and they work for it every day. That is why we are so proud of them.