Boys' Soccer - JV
Loomis Chaffee School
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Loomis Chaffee School
Win 6-1
The Taft Rhinos traveled to Loomis in what may be the last game of the season versus the Loomis Pelicans on a windy day. The visitors got right to work when they arrived to warm-up well and with focus. This carried right over to the game as the Rhinos played a team game from start to finish. In a master class of selfless play and passion, Taft put pressure on the Pelicans early and often. Communication from keeper Julien Prentice typified the positive contribution of all. The midfield of Brendan Staines, Noah Cinel and Kojo Asmah have become a true force in transition and they all looked hungry to get on the board. Noah Cinel was able to noth the first goal of the game on a pass from Kayden Parson who had one of his strongest games of his Taft career. Forwards James Cooper and Kayden Parsons were dynamic and helped create attacking pressure. Kaden followed his assist with a goal from a pass from Wats Littman that was perfectly weighted to beat the defenders. Kaden did not disappoint as he finished with style and calm. Kaden added another on a ball played in from Noah Cinel to Kotaro Wats who drew the attention before laying the ball off to the open Kaden Parsons who did not disappoint. Noah Cinel added to the total with a goal of his own in the top corner of the net from a great dish from Kotaro Wato. Strong team played continued as Kotaro Wato fed a gorgeous pass to Oliver Lefkowitz who sent the ball flying well over the crossbar. Moments later Kotaro from a wider position saw the on running Lefkowitz again. This time Oliver finished on a half volley. The second half saw more of the same with solid possession from the visiting side. Jack Eastmen in net kept the positive communication from the net. The defensive pairing of Andrew Jaroch and Nero Maung as centerbacks instills fear in the hearts of all opponents and they were a solid duo again today. With Wats Littman and Kaeil Casserly as full backs, the defense is strong and springs forward to aid the attack. Loomis did earn a goal in the second half and in true Taft form, the answer was given. Luca Gatti may have earned one of his own today and once he figures out how to time his runs to stay onside, he will light it up. Kaden Parson earned another assist and Brendan Staines scored on a cheeky move to his left to beat the keeper. Looking ahead to next year, the future is bright with solid contributions from Liam Dhumale-Smythe and Camilo Pinto Gonzalez who are ready to fight for starting roles in midfield. While Cayden Van Dolah and Thomson Knight demonstrated that they are ready to step into starting center back roles. Special appreciation for the contribution and leadership of the seniors from this year Owen Wyman ,Quinton Ross, Brendan Staines, Captain Nero Maung and Captain Andrew Jorach. It is an honor working with this team every day. They always play with passion showing their love of the game. They take responsibility for their own development and each other at all times. They respect each other and their opponents. If you are still reading, it is probably clear at this point that the coaching staff is not yet ready for this season to end.