Boys' Soccer - JV
Williston Northampton School
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Win 1-0
Big Red took to the pitch with the fury of revenge fresh in their hearts. Even after a year in waiting, the collective memory of defeat at the hands of Williston Northampton haunted the psyches of the JV Boys squad. Within 80 minutes, they would emerge victorious, and the Wild Cats would give thanks to the fact that Rhinos are vegetarian. Williston once again proved a formidable opponent. They possessed effectively in the midfield and used their physicality to try to tire out Taft, but the Rhinos gradually broke down the defense with passes to the wings and crosses into the box. James Cooper, Luca Gatti, and Quintin Ross each had shots on target in the first half, while Kotaro Wato had three. Julien Prentice put his body on the line in a challenge on goal, and unfortunately walked away with a flesh wound. Jack Eastman stepped in for him and performed admirably. Taft’s patience paid off in the second half when Camilo Pinto Gonzalez ripped one from the top of the box, having taken advantage of an open space. Taft held off the Wild Cats for the remainder of the match, thanks to a critical save from Jack Eastman, an impressive slide tackle by Nero Maung, and resilience from the whole squad. Big Red once again demonstrated their game maturity and group trust in a challenging matchup, and they look forward to a rest over the long weekend before their return against Salisbury at home Wednesday.