Girls' Soccer - Varsity
Greenwich Academy
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Greenwich Academy
Win 1-0
Taft women’s soccer played a solid match on the road against Greenwich Academy. The first half displayed the Rhinos’ possessive prowess as they moved the ball between feet and around the GA players. Ultimately, neither team finished and the first forty minutes ended 0-0. Taft came out strong in the second half, clearly ready to make moves. Alessia Schettino ‘24 tucked a goal away at 16’ mark on a corner kick, assisted by Renata Mercedes ‘25. Taft continued doing what they do best: moving to space, sending teammates on good runs, and taking advantage of opportunities. Faith Graziano ‘24, Ruth Amponsah ‘27, and Bryn Gavigan ‘24 had a particularly pretty run at 36’, but the final shot just sailed over the net with victory sealed for the Rhinos regardless. Special shoutouts to Elly Ouellette ‘26 who was hungry for a goal all game, and Bryn Gavigan ‘24.