Tennis - Girls' JV
Hopkins School
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Win 7-2

The girl's JV tennis team completed their season with another solid win today, finishing the season UNDEFEATED with a 11-0-1 record. Congratulations to each and every one of the girls on this fun and talented team. I am so proud of their hard work all season, progress in their games both physically and mentally and their ability to have fun. Every day has been a real pleasure.

Hopkins came ready to play and were not to be taken lightly. The top of their ladder had two hard hitting steady young players who we will see a lot more of going forward. Taft's depth was what helped the team win today.

Addie, Amanda, Amelia, Anna, Annabelle, Barbara, Emily, Emma, Haylie, Julia, Nina, Perry, Sophie and Tatum thank you to each and everyone of you for a terrific, memorable season. You are the best!

#1 Tatum L 6-8
#2 Julia W 8-6
#3 Amanda W 8-3
#4 Amelia W 8-0
#5 Barbara W 8-2

#1 Addie and Emily W 8-1
#2 Anna and Sophie W 8-2
#3 Emma and Annabelle W 8-4
#4 Nina and Perry L 6-8

Taft season record 11-0-1