Tennis - Girls' Varsity
Hopkins School
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Loss 0-9

The Rhinos played their final match of the season at home today against a strong Hopkins team that had just won the B division of the New Englands with a win over Kingswood Oxford. The Hopkins ladies showed a competition intensity and determination that the Rhinos were not able to match up against today. The overall match went to Hopkins 9-0.

In the doubles, Hopkins showed strong attacking play at the #1 & #2 positions and were able to take those matches by large margins but with close games within. At #3 doubles, Macy Toppan and Minna Holleck got off to a strong start in their match gaining a 7-4 lead. The Hopkins ladies fought off some match points to hold on and then continued the match with a different level of play, ultimately taking the match 9-7.

#1 Syd Trevenen/Nico Gusa lost to M. Conklin/C. duBoulay 2-8

#2 Lily Turner/Kate Zhang lost to V. Wen/D. Wen 1-8

#3 Macy Toppan/M. Holleck lost to S. Phelan/C. Banks 7-9

In singles, the top three ladies matched up against skilled and determined players and were not able to gain the advantage today.

#1 Kate Zhang lost to M. Conklin 3-8

#2 Lily Turner lost to C. duBoulay 0-8

#3 Syd Trevenen lost to O. Wen 1-8

The lower half of the ladder had more competitive matches with Macy and Regan showing good form and swapping games with their opponents early on. Neither lady was able to hold on for the win. Kira worked to find her rhythm in the match but could not maintain her normal intensity of play today.

#4 Macy Toppan lost to S. Phelan 5-8

#5 Regan Brewer lost to V. Wen 4-8

#6 Kira Siebrecht lost to A. Batter 2-8

A tremendous team with a great sense of comradarie, the ladies finish the season with an impressive 8-5 overall record and having been invited to the New Englands as the #6 seed. They should all be very proud of their accomplishments knowing how hard they had to work to acheive them.