Field Hockey - Varsity
Canterbury School
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Canterbury School
Win 2-0
Taft notched its first win of the season on a beautiful fall afternoon. Off the first whistle Canterbury went on the offensive and was able to get the ball in our defensive circle. However, from that point forward we dominated the game. Phoebe Autio made only one save in the game and it came in the first half. We put a lot of pressure on the goalkeeper and after a series of free hits Eva Baurmeister took a free hit at the top of the circle and her pass found Abigail Hano on the left post and Abigail provided the tip in. We scored about 5 minutes into the game. Our second goal came with about 5 minutes left in the game and again it was connection between Eva and Abigail. On the second goal, Libby Dolan made a great effort to get the ball down the right sideline and then passed the ball flat across the top of the circle to find Eva who assisted Abigail's second goal. In between the two goals, we were confident we could be the victorious team but the Canterbury goalie turned us away time and again. She had a total of 11 saves and was very talented. It was a hot afternoon and the field faced west so it was tough going on a hot and sunny day. With two assists and complete control of the midfield, Eva Baurmeister played her best game of the season thus far. Abigail Hano moved up to forward when Liv Santini pulled her quad during warm-up. The move paid off as Abigail scored both our goals. Liv was able to enter the game in the second half and played very well despite the pain she felt. Our forwards were on fire today. Caeley Smith was dynamic and quick on the right sideline and played with great determination. Marion Flinn is dangerous in circle, she took numerous shots. Amelia Allen, Corinna Dorr and Lauren Hoey proved to be an almost impenetrable wall on the backline, which was especially hard in the second half when they had to look into the sun. Emma Hentemann and Asia Rupert shouldered much of the work in the game as our outside mids. Emma played with such resilience and Asia with determination. The team knew we had a win in us and we wouldn’t allow it to elude us this time. We have a much deserved weekend off and we travel the Gunnery next on Wednesday.