Field Hockey - Varsity
Berkshire School
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Berkshire School
Win 2-1
After resting up over long weekend, we came out on fire in the first half of our game against Berkshire. We were passing well, tackling the ball with confidence and playing aggressively on offense. We scored very quickly with less than 6 minutes off the clock. The play started when Olivia King created a breakaway. She wasn’t able to get a good shot off but was able to dig the ball out of the end line and send the ball across the front of the goal. Liv Santini was on the right post and put the ball in with her reverse stick. We dominated the first half and really controlled the play. Eva Baurmeister effectively controlled the middle of the field and distributed the ball well to our forwards. Phoebe Autio did make 4 great saves in the first half and 3 in the second. We scored our second goal with 10 minutes to go in the first half. McKinley Karpa made a great cross in front of the goal after drawing the goalie and found Marion Flinn wide open on the right for her second goal in two games. We went into the second half with some confidence but also knowing a 2-0 lead was not a guaranteed win. Berkshire really turned it on in the second half and played very aggressively. We needed to call a timeout to regroup with about a quarter of the game left. Our defense played a really smart game. Amelia Allen effectively slowed down their right wing. Lauren Hoey’s tackles were deadly today and she did a great job of marking playing their best player. Corinna Dorr made some great plays clearing the ball out of our defensive end with deception. On the forward line, Liv Santini, Olivia King, McKinley Karpa and Abigail Hano played very aggressively and creatively in the circle. McKinley and Olivia were particularly strong with their sticks today by getting their sticks on the ball in ways to deflect the ball to our advantage. McKinley had a great play where she tipped and pulled the ball right in front of the goalie, but she made a great save to keep it out of the cage. Berkshire scored about 10 minutes into the second half and really put the pressure on for the next 20 minutes. With less than a minute on the clock, Berkshire found themselves numbers up and Asia sprinted back to disrupt the play and perhaps saved the win. Emma Hentemann was amazing as our left mid. With seconds left on the clock she gained possession of the ball and cleared it up field to guarantee the win.