Field Hockey - Varsity
Choate Rosemary Hall
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Win 2-0
Our game against Choate is always an exciting one. We normally scrimmage them at the start of the season but because we added the game against Milton we missed that scrimmage so we didn’t know what to expect. We also have not beaten Choate in a few seasons so this was a huge win! We got off to a quick start and scored 5 minutes into the game. Eva Baurmeister had the ball at the top of the circle and took a hard flick which sailed past the keeper. It is her signature move and it paid off today! We put a lot of pressure on the goalkeeper in the first half with multiple shots coming from Liv Santini, Marion Flinn and Olivia King. Abigail Hano and Asia Rupert both had a good shot on goal in the first half. Phoebe Autio earned her 4th shutout of the season notching 7 saves including saving a breakaway in the second half. Choate had one player who had a very effective hard hit and she was able to slip it past our defenders a few times but Phoebe was always ready and kept the ball out of the net with ease. Our second goal was really exciting, Liv Santini took a shot, got her own rebound, carried the ball left and then right and then put the ball up high into the top net, well out of reach of the goaltender. We almost scored quite a few times including on two breakaways in the second half. On one, Liv Santini beat the last defender and carried the ball hard down field. Olivia King was cutting down field with her, Liv dished off to Olivia whose shot just barely missed the net. And then a short time later, Olivia King had the ball in the midfield and we were numbers up. Kaitlin Madconald, very quickly recognized the situation and sprinted down field with great speed but again we were unable to get a successful shot off. However, we did have excellent shots in the second from Caeley Smith who tipped the ball on the corner just around the goalie but unfortunately the ref ruled it dangerous. Caeley has great ability to quickly redirect the ball. Emma Hentemann, Asia Rupert and Libby Dolan did yeoman's’ work as usual in the midfield in a tough game that saw a lot of back and forth action on a hot and humid day. Lauren Hoey often times found herself as the last defender back. She played with courage and poise and often stripped the ball from the Choate attackers. Thanks to the parents for again providing us with yummy treats after our game. We take on Willison at home on Wednesday at 3:15.