Field Hockey - Varsity
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Win 5-0
The attack, and especially Mckinley Karpa, was on fire today! We traveled to Washington to take on the Gunnery on perhaps the hottest day of the season thus far. The sun was blazing down but we did not falter in the heat. We opened the scoring ten minutes into the game. McKinley dug the ball out of the endline and passed the ball back into the circle in front of the goal. There she found Abigail Hano who passed to Marion Flinn who knocked the ball in. We scored again with less than 9 minutes left in the half when McKinley scored the first in her hat trick unassisted. Piper Forstyl had her first start of the season and finished the game with a shutout. She had to face the sun for the entire first half which was quite a challenge. She provided outstanding communication to all her teammates no matter where they were on the field. Our defense again did a great job of supporting Piper and the ball barely even made it over the 50 in the second half. Corinna Dorr was great at channeling and tackling at just the right time today. The second the ball came off a Gunnery stick, Corinna was there to take back possession. We had almost 30 shots on net in the game. The Gunnery goalkeeper did an outstanding job. We had a number of passing combinations that lead to what I thought was a sure goal. Late in the second half, Amelia Allen made a great tackle to come up with the ball. She found Caeley Smith in perfect position on the right sideline, and as she always does, Caeley immediately looked to pass. She found Phoebe Cook, who was able to play for the first time today, and she took a shot right at the top of the circle. Abigail attempted to tip it in but the ball went just wide. It was beautiful field hockey. The goals in the second half were all really exciting. Goal number 3 came off a corner. Abigail inserted the ball up to Eva Baurmeister, it was a really slow insert because the turf was slow in part due to the heat, but Eva was patient and still able to get a great shot off. Corinna Dorr was right in front of the keeper and she tipped the ball in for her first goal ever!! MckInley rounded out her hat trick with goals 4 and 5. Goal number 4 came when Lily Senich made a great cross and found McKinley open on the far post. The final goal came when Olivia King had the ball right in front of the keeper without a good shot. She spun away from the goalie and found McKinley again on the left post where she buried the ball into the back of the cage. Kaitlyn Macdonald and Hartley Messer both had great chances to score. Kaitlyn was right on the far post when a lifted ball came at her quickly. She reacted very well and got a stick on it but the goalkeeper made a great save. Hartley found herself in front of the net at the end of the second half and was able to get a good quick hard shot off but again she was turned away by the keeper. Eliza Travelstead made a great contribution to the midfield line in the second half after recovering from a nagging injury. We are very excited to be taking on Loomis this Saturday at 6pm on the lights on our home turf for the first home game of the season!