Field Hockey - Varsity
Suffield Academy
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Loss 2-3
We had a devastating loss in OT to Suffield but it was an incredibly well played game. We went into the game knowing it was going to a challenge since Suffield came into the game undefeated. We went on the defensive right away but Emma Hentemann, Amelia Allen and Corinna Dorr played their usual outstanding defense. Amelia had a particularly strong game as she had to mark one of Suffield’s best players and certainly their fastest and most aggressive player. She actually scored their first goal on an incredible play where their right wing created a bit of a breakaway and had a one on one with Phoebe Autio (who was back in goal after missing two games due to an injury). Phoebe came out to play her and the Suffield player saw her teammate cutting in from the left and gave her a perfect pass that she was able to slot in on the far post. They truly earned that goal. Their lead did not last long. We scored a quick and easy goal when Abigail Hano picked up the ball on our defensive 25 and sent a big hit down field where she found McKinley Karpa at the top of the circle who took and shot. Lily Senich was cutting in from the right and she got the tip in. We went into the second half knowing the next 30 minutes would be a battle. We took the lead off a corner with a pass from Eva Baurmeister to Caeley who took the shot and McKinley got the tip this time. However, our 2-1 lead would only last less than two minutes. Suffield was awarded a corner and their attacker took a shot to the far post and it looked like the ball was going wide and was going to sail over the endline. Out of nowhere, a Suffield attacker cut in from the right and slipped the ball in before the defense or Phoebe even knew she was there. It was an incredible corner. We battled it out for the next 10 minutes and no team scored. Asia Rupert played one of her toughest games yet. She repeatedly made great stops on the ball and worked so hard to move the ball back up the field on attack. We almost scored two other times when McKinley dug the ball out of the endline and sent the ball quickly in front of the keeper. Lily was cutting in hard from the right but just missed the tip on the open net. And senior Phoebe Cook in her last home game, took the best shot of the game. With a quick dereliction she beat one defender and found herself one on one with the goalie where she took a very quick and shot but the goalie made a fantastic save. We went into OT, tired but ready to finish the game. We had played one other 7 vs 7 sudden victory and we were ready. Olivia King and McKinley played so hard in the OT, giving it everything they had left in the tank. The play was back and forth and unfortunately we did not execute our corners well and the corner they got was picture perfect. Their first shot was a hard hit drive and Phoebe made a great save. Unfortunately it was not out of the reach of another attacker and she as able to put in the rebound to preserve Suffield’s undefeated season. It was a heartbreaking loss because we played so hard and so well but it was truly two great teams that took the pitch. Phoebe had 7 amazing saves with some very big clears, it was hard to believe she had been out for well over a week. We are off to Hotchkiss on Saturday for a 1:30 start!