Field Hockey - Varsity
Hotchkiss School
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Hotchkiss School
Loss 1-3
Luckily it wasn’t as cold and windy as it had been the day before so we took the field on a cold day but under bright blue skies. We had started our season with a win against Hotchkiss in a play day. We had worked hard all season, and although we had some setbacks, we had high hopes for our Hotchkiss game and were prepared to work very hard to get a win. The game seemed to be played, for a majority of the time, in the right-hand corner of the pitch in our defensive end. Emma Hentemman and Abigail Hano got their fair share of action and did an incredible job of keeping Hotchkiss out of the circle. Abigail used her strong 3D skills to move the ball upfield past their midfielders and defenders. Hotchkiss scored very early off a perfectly executed corner. On their first attempt, one of their players entered the circle early. However, the rules allow the team to take the corner over and this time they hit a perfect shot straight from the top of the circle. There were 5 minutes into the game so that gave us quite a bit of time to even the score. There wasn’t a lot of action at either end in the circle. We only had a few opportunities and McKinley had a total of 4 shots. We had four corners in the game but the bouncy turf got the better of us and we were unable to get off a good shot. Our forwards were outstanding in the midfield. Caeley Smith and Olivia King played really aggressively constantly working to get the ball back from the defense or beating the defense on the attack. Lily Senich had to face a left-handed player but she managed to find a way around her. Marion Flinn, despite a terrible lingering cough, played a key role in the second half making great inside-outside passes to beat the defense to get the ball on attack. Eva Baurmeister was all over the field taking care of the ball and getting it out of the defensive end and transitioning the ball in the midfield, she played consistently well throughout the entire game. Asia was right with Eva has her wingman, backing her up when needed, cutting off the ball and she worked so hard to get the ball up the right sideline. Hotchkiss scored their second goal with about 7 minutes left in the half. Their player picked up a bouncing ball and lifted it high into the top of the net and Phoebe really didn’t have a chance at it. We came out strong in the second half and worked really hard to chip away at their two-goal lead. Phoebe made 6 great saves with a few coming off corners. One clear reached the 50-yard line. Hotchkiss scored with 3 minutes left but we did not give up. We were awarded a 16-yard hit which Emma took quickly and she found McKinley cutting to the ball. Very quickly McKinley did a give and go with Phoebe Cook. Phoebe’s pass was perfectly placed and McKinley was able to reach it with her reverse stick and she dribbled it one handed. She caught their defense flat and got behind them and took on the goalie 1 vs. 1 and she scored with a quick reverse shot to beat the goalie. There were 45 seconds left on the clock and despite the score on the board, it felt like a win in that moment. This team never gave up once this entire season. We were much better at transferring the ball than Hotchkiss. Amelia Allen, Corinna Dorr and Emma did a fantastic job of moving the ball around the backfield and up into the midfield. Corinna was on fire, playing very aggressively and smart. Libby Dolan came in the second half and did exactly what a midfielder needs to do, she got the ball from the defense up the field to Marion or Olivia on the attack. Over the course of this season this team had a lot of fun together and in the end, that is why we play.