Field Hockey - Varsity
Williston Northampton School
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Win 3-1
After drawing against Williston last year, in a game that we had lead 2-0, we didn’t want that to happen again this year. We came out on fire and Liv Santini was playing with incredible determination. She lead the offensive charge that ended in our first goal which was scored with less than two minutes off the clock. Liv carried the ball hard into the circle, easily beat one defender, pulled the ball left and took a shot. McKinley Karpa was there to finish the play by putting the ball into the back of the net. We went up 2-0 with eleven minutes left in the half. Abigail Hano scored off a corner that was initially hit by Liv. Olivia King deflected the ball away from the goalkeeper and Abigail found the loose ball on the far post for the goal. Williston immediately called a timeout to regroup and slow our momentum. We had been playing incredibly well up to that point and felt confident. However, Williston looked like a different team after the timeout and put constant pressure on us for the next ten minutes until they finally scored with 17 seconds left in the first half on a weird shot that just dribbled unexpectedly into the goal. We picked it back up in the second half Captain Eva Baurmeister and Phoebe Autio rallied the troops for a second-half comeback. The momentum shifted and we began to put a lot of offensive pressure back on Williston. We scored with less than 13 minutes left in the game when Olivia King carried the ball into the circle and took a hard shot. The goalie made a great save but Mckinley followed Olivia into the circle and was right there for the rebound. Phoebe Autio made a number of incredible saves. She made a lunging save with her left leg in the first half that would have been in goal with most other goalies and a stick save right at the end of the first half. She had a total of 13 saves. We played really smart defense for the remainder of the game. Lauren Hoey was cool under pressure and found Emma Hentemann wide open a couple of times on the opposite side of the field which enabled us to maintain possession in the waning minutes of the game. Caeley Smith came into the game in the second half and immediately lifted the energy and gave us the momentum to earn the insurance goal. It was a hard fought, but well-deserved victory. We travel up to Deerfield on Saturday for our next big contest.