Field Hockey - JV
Choate Rosemary Hall
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Choate Rosemary Hall
Win 4-0
Taft Rhinos Top Choate Wild Boars. Everything about this match up was hot. Hot bus ride, hot turf, hot sticks. The JV Rhinos made the trip to Wallingford for this mid-week game ready to face an always talented and tough Choate squad. And, that is what they found plus searing temperatures and unrelenting sun. However, Taft did not let the conditions stand in their way of getting on the board early and bringing home an early season win. Michelle Tetro opened scoring at the five minute mark on a clean-up goal off of a passing sequence from Maddy Meister and Lulu Brauer. From there, the Rhinos built momentum working on their passing game and communication. Julia Kunzelmann, Perry Allen, Martha Lohuis and Greta Cole anchored the midline down the field. This group directed play with their agile dodges, keen field vision, and ability to connect the center of the field with the ready sticks of the wings, Annaleise Pizzitola and Lulu Brauer. Taft's second goal came at the 15 minute mark off a leading pass from Lohuis to Meister who popped the ball past the sharp Choate keeper. In the face of the 2-0 deficit, the Choate defense did not relent. In the waning minutes of the first period, they aggressively redirected seven additional Taft shots, as well as two corners. Heading into halftime with the advantage, the Rhinos knew the game was far from over and that the Boars would come out in the second half charging towards goal. Goalie Emily Riccardi (2 saves), with the assistance of Greta Cole, Carolyn Yow, Katie Salnikoff and Rachel Peverly restricted Choate's attempts to penetrate the 25 yard zone. Their patient blocks and well-timed passes fueled the the many scoring opportunities of the day. During the second half Taft shelled the Choate defense with shots and corners. The blue-and-gold keeper came up time and again with one excellent save after another. Ten minutes into the second, Michelle Tetro broke through that wall scoring off a broken corner, one of six corners in the second period alone. With a solid lead, Taft changed strategies and worked to control their field while also preserving their precious energy. During the final ten minutes of the game the confident midfield play of Lulu Bradley, Sophie Savage and Martha Lohuis maintained the level of play while restricting any Choate advances. Taft finished the game on a corner which devolved into a pileup in front of the cage. Lulu Bradley, Lulu Brauer and Andie Wardell helped redirect the ball to Maddy Meister who tapped in the final goal with moments to spare. Taft showed off their skills and their perseverance in this match up and look forward to seeing Choate later in the season for a rematch. In coming action, the Rhinos will face the Loomis Pelicans on Saturday, 9.30.17 for a home contest on the turf. Go Big Red!