Field Hockey - JV
Williston Northampton School
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Win 6-0
The Rhinos continue their goalscoring streak in an exciting 6-0 victory over Williston-Northampton. Anneleise Pizzitola kicked off the flurry of goals at the 17 minute mark with a tip off of a rebounded corner shot. Her excellent positioning on the low-left post put her in a prime spot to capitalize on the slower ball speed on the grass field. From there, Taft move swiftly to continue their strong effort. Martha Lohuis scored off a dodge at the stroke line for goal number two. That was followed by Perry Allen scoring from a swift crossing pass from Lulu Brauer. Goal number four was Brauer on a solo-dangle off of a pass from Lohuis. Heading into halftime, Taft was ahead 4-0 with seven corners and five shots. However, the team understood that it was important to remember that the "grass pays no favors" and that Taft would need to continue to chase down every ball and follow every pass. That they did with two more goals coming in the second half. Lohuis scored two minutes into the period off a flick shot from a rebounded corner save. Then, Pizzitola bookended the game with another goal from a crossing pass from Madeline Meister. Scoring aside, midfielders Sophie Savage, Michelle Tetro and Lulu Bradley contributed heavily to the success of the day. Their constant attention to the nuances of transition and finding their teammates with accurate passes was essential. Taft travels north to Deerfield for their next exciting matchup. Go Big Red!