Field Hockey - JV
Northfield Mount Hermon School
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Win 2-0
The weather gods shined their warm light on this early November game versus Northfield Mount Hermon. In an exciting grass-field game, the JV Rhinos logged their eighth victory of the season and goalie Emily Riccardi racked up her eighth shutout. One benefit of frequent playing and practicing on the turf is that Taft's grass field remains in impeccable condition even late into the season. The luscious green carpet, while a sight to be seen, does slow down the game considerably. Subsequently, the Rhinos and the Hoggers locked horns in yet another battle for the midfield. Taft seized upon its strong drives and quick forwards to generate eleven corners in ths first half alone. Forwards Julia Kunzelmann, Andie Wardell, Perry Allen and Annelise Pizzitola pummeled the NMH keeper with shot-after-shot, but to no avail. It was not until the final minute of the first half that providence presented itself in the form of a penalty stroke, of all things. Lulu Brauer expertly executed a mid-level stick-side flick putting Taft on the board at halftime. The second half presented much of the same. Defenders Carolyn Yow and Greta Cole found themselves engaged with several NMH breakaways, but along with Rachel Peverly and Katie Salnikoff they pushed the Hoggers back from the brink included a defensive save by Peverly after a Riccardi clear. Taft's second goal came from a popped in shot by Lulu Bradley from a raucous set of passes from Perry Allen, Martha Lohuis and Sophie Savage. With two goals assured, the Rhinos began to open up the field a bit more, connecting passes and using their speed to their advantage. During the second half they amassed four additional corners and six shots, included a not-so-buzzer-beating third goal by Michelle Tetro off a crossing corner shot by Maddie Meister. While the goal did not count, it was only by a matter of milliseconds and was a beautiful score, nonetheless. Taft heads into the final week of its season facing a tough Ethel Walker team in an away game on Wednesday. Go Big Red!