Field Hockey - JV
Hotchkiss School
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Hotchkiss School
Loss 0-2
Some elements of Hotchkiss Day are predictable. Cold weather, rowdy fans, and hot cocoa. And, then there is the unpredictable. Who will win the day? Who brings a potbelly pig to a field hockey game? Can I actually hold my stick wearing ski mittens? Facing these unknowns, the serious and the absurd, tests a team. Teammates must depend on each other, work together, and bring spirit to the challenge. And, while the JV Rhinos were not victorious against the Bearcats on Saturday, they did play as a team. With the conclusion of the season, they also played as a group of friends who are bound together by the shared experiences of the fall of 2017. Congratulations to the JV Rhino dancing queens for a fantastic and fun-filled field hockey season. This group of young women brought humor to every practice and intensity to every game. And, they never were without the dangle sauce! Your coaches are so very proud of you! Go Big Red!