Field Hockey - JV
Berkshire School
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Berkshire School
Tie 1-1
The JV squad hit the road for a late day battle against a tough Berkshire team. The bumpy bus ride and abrupt return from long weekend did not detract from the Rhinos from putting forth an earnest effort as they tied the Bears in an exciting, albeit disjointed game. The action start early with Taft scoring at the five-minute minute mark off a corner. Unfortunately, this goal was called back as the ball did not fully cross the circle. This hiccup did not hold Taft back. Madeline Meister, Lulu Brauer, Lulu Bradley and Andie Wardell shined in the midfield. Their efforts to advance the ball into scoring position were unrelenting. In the backfield, goalkeeper Emily Riccardi tallied six saves. She was well-supported by defenders Greta Cole, Rachel Peverly and Katie Salnikoff who adapted quickly to the long-ball and fast-break style of their opponent. The defensive effort was supported by the entire team, a crucial element to today’s strategy. Sophie Savage worked tirelessly traveling the entire length of the field; Martha Lohuis back-tackled with poise and confidence; and, Michelle Tetro proved her mettle as a midfielder controlling the left side. The Rhinos continued to attempt to build scoring momentum through the dwindling moments of the first half. Corner after corner was called, but the agile Berkshire keeper thwarted every opportunity. The first period ended with an unsatisfying 0-0 tie. Halftime afforded Taft the opportunity to regroup and refuel. With two players sidelined with injuries, the Rhinos summoned the energy and focus to execute their game plan. At the 21:33 mark Martha Lohuis popped the ball past the keeper off a rebounded corner shot from Perry Allen. Allen was pivotal, along with Brauer, with creating the many scoring opportunities during the game. With Lohuis's goal the seal was finally broken. However, Berkshire returned the favor three minutes later with their own goal off a corner. Little did both teams know that this would be the end of scoring for the game. From this point on play was focused in the midfield as the Rhinos and Bears locked horns in a back and forth tet-a-tet of long balls, unconverted corners and tight defense. Despite many chances, near-goals and nail-biters, a tie was the order of the day. And, with fall in the air, the Rhinos look forward to the second half of the season and the many exciting games yet to come. Go Big Red!