Boys' Soccer - JV
Hotchkiss School
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Hotchkiss School
Win 1-0
The Taft JV Boys soccer team finished our season in fine style with a solid one nil victory over our big rivals in blue up in Lakeville. This was a very competitive match between two teams of quality and talent on a very chilly, sunny Saturday afternoon. Taft scored the lone goal of the match in the thirteenth minute as our Swedish lads connected as Edvin Tran Hoac passed the ball forward to Joel Edholm who then sent Mayan Ewert in alone for a very good chance that Mayan delivered on for our lads in white. Taft earned a couple more good chances in the first half but the Hotchkiss 'keeper made two spectacular saves on excellent Taft chances. The first half and the match ended with Taft ahead one nil. Both teams played well in the second half as Hotchkiss possessed the ball nicely but could not get one past the Taft keepers Chris Murphy and Sean Dunbar. Our back line of Lachlan Berray, Nick Kennerson, Stephen Cho and Max Fossland provided stout defense. CJ D'Virgilio and Ian Staines and Ranon Larpcharern played well in the center with Alex Brown and Dev Johnson playing well on the wing. Ryan Low provided his usual mayhem up front when given the chance and greatly stressed the 'kiss defense. I must mention that in the last five minutes of the match, Hotchkiss threw the kitchen sink at us attempting to gain the equalizer. Alex Brown first won the ball at the midfield and sent a lovely ball down the right touchline to Joel and then locked in the short goal kick and kept the ball in the Hotchkiss deep-end corner for the last two minutes by sheer force of effort. Well done, Alex! Both Coach Hincker and I enjoyed a wonderful experience coaching these boys for two months way up on the farthest field at Taft by the golf course. Yes by golly it was freakin' cold yesterday up there, I mean cold! But the boys never complained and always gave their all in practices and especially in matches. We accomplished a fine nine victory season and should be proud of our accomplishments. Thanks to all for their support of our team and see you next year!