Boys' Soccer - III
Brunswick School
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Loss 2-4
The boys thirds soccer game against Brunswick got off to a bad start. Brunswick took control of the game early and went 1-0 up in the first five minutes, attacking down the wing and scoring from the cross. A second Brunswick goal came soon after. Throughout the first half Taft created few chances and were under almost continuous pressure as Brunswick kept control of the ball with a stronger passing game. By the end of the half Taft were 3-0 down. The second half began in the same vein, with Brunswick quickly adding a fourth goal. However,The Taft boys did not give up, and began to put together some good passing moves of their own. Liam Shannon and Calvin Dayton combined well on the right wing to look threatening several times. Eugene Acevedo worked hard in midfield, carrying the ball forward again and again. Eventually the team’s efforts paid off as a Will de Luca shot from the edge of the box bounced off the ‘keeper and was pounced on by Tate Phillips for Tafts first goal, around 20 minutes into the second half. Brunswick had brought some big lads with them, and Spencer Shin, at right back and Taft’s smallest player, deserves a mention for going head to head against players seeming twice his size and holding his own. The last 20 minutes saw the game change as Taft started putting a lot more pressure on the Brunswick goal. This was rewarded once more when a handball earned a penalty kick for Taft, which was pounded into the top right corner by Cal Dayton, and the game ended 4-2. Full credit to the team for never giving up.