Boys' Soccer - III
Westminster School
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Win 3-1
Taft 3 Westminster 1. The boys third’s team got off to a stronger start this time than in their previous two losses, maintaining better control of possession and spending much of the first 10 minutes in the opponents half of the field. Unfortunately, when Westy did get into the Taft half they managed to score at their first opportunity to go 1-0 up. Soon after that, a heavy challenge in the box saw Taft concede a penalty, but luckily for the lads this struck the post and the score stayed 1-0. There was more back and forth in the game after that, and Taft were saved once more by Spencer Shin who cleared off the line around 20 minutes in. Almost immediately, play switched to the other end and a cross from Liam Shannon was met by Alex Erbstein. His shot hit the keeper, bounced off, then bounced back off Alex into the back of the net for 1-1. Toward the end of the half Spencer Shin took a knock to the ankle which put him out of the game. Still without Spencer Dawe, who was absent today after getting a ball in the face last game, Taft is fast running out of defenders. The second half saw a lot of good work from many of the lads. Jonathan Cheng had a header go over the bar, and Chase Stahl and Greg Galant did some good work in defense. Late in the game, when coaches were beginning to wonder where a winning goal might come from, Ata Ozsan stepped up with a ripping shot from 20 yards out to put Taft 2-0 up. 5 minutes later, right at the end, he did it again: final score 3-1 and a much needed win for the Taft boys.