Boys' Soccer - III
Hotchkiss School
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Win 1-0
Hotchkiss came to Taft today with seven straight wins under their belt. The game started with the teams equally matched, but Taft probably had the upper hand during the first 10 minutes or so, playing by far the best soccer they’ve produced this season. Hotchkiss always looked threatening though, and there was a scary moment for Taft after 10 minutes when some indecisive defending gave Hotchkiss their first chance at goal. Around 15 minutes Taft managed to switch the ball from left wing to right, which got the ball down to the goal line and earned a corner. Tate Phillips header was parried back to Wes Rising who’s shot went over the bar. The remainder of the half saw the teams continue to be evenly matched, and good defending at both ends kept the game scoreless. The second half began with a scare for Taft, saved by an excellent tackle in front of goal by Chase Stahl who, in spite of his protestations to the contrary, is turning into a handy defender for us. Soon after that a rough tackle might have resulted in a penalty kick for Hotchkiss, but luckily the ref’s whistle stayed silent. Taft were under more pressure for the first 20 minutes or so of the second half, but kept the blue menace at bay. Taft started to come back into the game toward the end, as they often have this season, and on the 65th minute Alex Erbstein flicked on a throw in to the feet of Jonathan Cheng, who volleyed into the back of the net to put Taft 1-0 up. Taft continued to look for a second goal while defending the lead, and held out for the win. This was easily the strongest performance so far by this team, and the lads were rightly very pleased to have ended the arch-rival’s winning streak.