Boys' Soccer - III
Trinity-Pawling School
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Win 6-1
Taft got off to a strong start againstTrinity Pawling, dominating the game with good passing play and creating several scoring opportunities on the first 10 minutes. Unfortunately, none of these were converted to goals and, completely against the run of play, TP went 1-0 up at 12 minutes. The Taft boys kept up the pressure, however, and after 19 minutes their dominance resulted in a goal from Phillip Tate, meeting a cross from Liam Shannon. Throughout the game Taft made good passing plays, working the ball wide and getting crosses in. Liam Shannon on the right made more crosses than coach could count. Chase Stahl (from full-back) made some great attacks down the left, overlapping well with variety of left midfielders who dropped in behind to cover. The end result was 6-1 Taft with the remaining goals coming from Lucas Escallon (25 minutes, a cross from Liam), Alex Erbstein (32 minutes: good run from Eugene, pass to Wes Rising who set up for Alex), Will Kugler (47 minutes, meeting a cross from Ata Ozsan), Lucas Escallon (around 60 minutes, taking the ball from Greg Galant in front of goal) and Greg Galant (65 minutes, running with the ball down the right side and shooting from the right side of the penalty area). Most of the midfield and attacking players had several good chances to score, and a combination of indecisive finishing and good play by the TP goalkeeper kept the goal tally lower than it might have been.