Girls' Soccer - Varsity
Rye Country Day School
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Rye Country Day School
Tie 1-1
Taft traveled to Rye Country Day for a tough Wednesday game. The late start and tough, quick surface that was as close to the minimum for a soccer field as the Big Red has ever played on made the variables in this game tough to adjust to. While the soccer was difficult it would be the lack of passion, fire, and grit that would haunt Taft on the day. While they were unlucky to not score more, they did not deserve more than they got as they suffered a disappointing 1-1 tie. The visitors would have few highlights, as the predominant feeling of disinterest was impossible to ignore. This was a game that will provide a great opportunity for Taft to learn how pivotal it is to bring the right mindset to each and every game. Talent alone does not win games. Identity, passion, and personal drive are important to playing one’s best game. Taft did not have enough girls willing to ‘hold the rope’ on the day to come away with a win. Liz Barré had one of the grittiest plays of the day as she won three consecutive 1v1’s to score Taft’s lone goal before halftime. That type of effort was unfortunately too infrequent and without a cushion, Taft’s own-goal early in the second half would doom the result and the game would end a 1-1 draw. Especially with a relatively inexperienced team, results such as this can serve a great point of learning. With over half of the team without Varsity experience before the season, knowing how much is demanded each and every game to have a successful season has to be learned. Taft took a painful step forward in the learning curve today but should prove as a crucial wake-up call for the Big Red with Class A foe Loomis coming to Watertown on Saturday. Kickoff will be at 3:30.