Girls' Soccer - Varsity
Northfield Mount Hermon School
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Win 3-1
After an impressive week where Taft went 2-0 and scored 8 goals while only conceding one, the Big Red played host to Class A opponent Northfield Mount Hermon. While Taft gritted out a 3-1 win, the attitude that led them to be successful the week previous was not there in full. It is not easy to travel on a Wednesday and the visitors did a great job coming to Taft and competing, making it hard for the hosts on the day. As she has in many games this season, Jamie Howie '18 would break through for Taft's first goal. Off of a well-earned corner, Taft would execute a flick play from Kayla Thomas '20 that would find Howie that had worked herself free from her mark. Howie would slot her shot between the goalie and the defender on the post to put Taft up 1-0. Taft would not be done in the half and Amanda Graziano '21 would add to Taft's score when she collected a ball over from Paton Roberts '21. Graziano would take the ball off an NMH foot and beat the goalie with placement to bring Taft up 2-0. The second half was a much better psychological half from the Big Red despite not growing their lead. Taft was much crisper with passes, support, and determination. Taft would have quality chances from a variety of different sources - set pieces, wing play, combinations up the middle, corners, shots from distance - but it would be NMH that broke through to bring the score to 2-1. Taft would ice the game in the latter stages when Patience Kum '21 found Eveliina Kuitunen '20 out wide. Kuitunen played a dangerous ball in the center that Emilee Adami '19 was on the end of. Adami's shot at the PK spot was block but she collected her own rebound and layed the ball off to Thomas. Thomas, who had a bid in the first 5 minutes of the game rattle the bar, buried her opportunity to put the game at 3-1 in favor of the hosts. It was a good result for the Big Red but certainly not their most complete performance. Taft will play host to Kent on Saturday on Parents' Day for the community. Kickoff is set for 3:00pm.