Girls' Soccer - JV
Greenwich Academy
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Win 4-3
The Taft Rhinos took on the Greenwich Academy Gators today in a riveting game of soccer. The game started off with both teams testing each other’s backlines. Fierce, fast, and fired up were the Gators, threatening our defensive end with a few shots off the post. Lily Cook started in net for the Rhinos, navigating the goal cage confidently, and collecting balls with ease. Birthday Girl, Kyra McNerney, was hungry to score today, having dreamt of scoring goals the night before. McNerney’s first goal came from a penalty kick off of a handball in the box. On the referee’s whistle she confidently skipped up and drove the ball decisively into the back of the net, the Gator goalie barely had time to react. Not too short after a Gator tap, the ball fell back into Rhino possession from some deft midfield and defensive play from Sam Ouelette, Kate Vermylan, Angie Han, and Hollen Spain. The ball was distributed down the wing to a swift Kyra McNerney who lifted a stellar cross from the right corner into the box, Julia Low was on the other side of that cross, and bodied the ball into the net, making the score 2-0. The Gators answered back, and because of some failed communication and tricky maneuvering, the Gators were able to eek in 2 more goals, ending the second half with a tie. The girls entered a halftime huddle passionate and determined to end the game victorious. The Girls’ JV squad exploded into the second half, and within the first minute of play found themselves on the attacking end of a Rhino corner kick. Kate Vermylan struck the ball expertly and bent it in towards the goalie with such rigor that the ball ricocheted off the Gator goalie’s hands into the top of the net. The score was 3-2, but not for long; the Gators struck back, and tied up the ball game again with a tidy shot past goalie Annabelle Wyman. The game was tied up again. Stirling Thompson, Hannah Eliot, and Janse Shoonmaker were relentless, continuing to test their goalie on the attacking end off of several corner kick opportunities to no avail. After a few shifts in the line-up and personnel, the Rhinos were able to fire back with urgency on all cylinders. Reese Bragg and Piper Desorcie were all over the field for the Rhino’s today, distributing balls, play-making, and creating opportunities for themselves to have a go at net. Taft’s final goal came off of some incredible individual footwork from Reese Bragg on the opposing team’s end line, which ended with the G.A. player clipping her boot and taking her down in the box. A penalty kick was awarded, and who better than to take it but Kyra McNerney. McNerney coolly placed the ball into the back netting again, securing our lead. Blake Gray, Cierra Ouelette, and Leigh Root displayed some excellent defensive work today, chasing down the opponents and kickstarting our attack with confidence and leadership. The Rhinos are 2-3, and they travel to Hopkins this Saturday, October 7 for a 3:00PM game.