Girls' Soccer - JV
Ethel Walker School
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Tie 1-1
It was a beautiful fall day as the Rhinos took the field against Ethel Walker. After a sacred no school Saturday, the Rhinos were energized and ready to go. Taft scored early on, after working the ball up the field. Ethel Walker answered back with a goal roughly 10 minutes later. The Rhinos were determined to win, and played a tough and hard fought game until the very end. At defense, Piper, Leigh, Cierra, Hannah and Blake worked hard to get back and stump Ethel Walker’s pointed offense. In the midfield, Angela, Sam, Kate, Kyra, Janse and Olivia worked hard to get the ball up and down the field and had a number of excellent crosses to the box. Up top, Julia, Hollen and Stirling were hungry for goals but a tough Ethel Walker keeper shut them down. In the end, it was a tie, but the Rhinos played tough, were great sportsladies and had great attitudes. A valiant effort by all!