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Hotchkiss School
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Hotchkiss School
Win 3-2
Score: 3-2 Taft win ( 14-4 record) Set 1: 25-11 Win Set 2: 22-25 Loss Set 3: 23-23 Loss Set 4: 25-22 Win Set 5: 15-13 Win In a match filled with passion, boisterous fans, and good volleyball, Taft narrowly defeated Hotchkiss, ultimately helping Taft School itself win the the rivalry day 3-2 (Football and boys soccer also won!). Lots of credit goes to Hotchkiss’ volleyball team as they competed at very high level, forcing our own players to play their best volleyball. Sets 2 through 5 really could have been anyone’s game, and players on both side demonstrated grace and good sportsmanship throughout the match. We go into the weekend playoff bound and await results from other schools to know where we seed and if we might need to travel. What an exciting end to the season and here’s to even more playoff excitement. Go Rhinos! Thanks to the fans, "All my friends are red", the entire team bench, players on the court, managers, video taper, and Derek Palamore for making this win special. Details for Wednesday's 1/4 NE Tournament will be posted soon. Sent from FirstClass with my iPhone