Volleyball - Varsity
Loomis Chaffee School
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Win 3-0
Taft 3 (11-3) Loomis 0 Set 1 Taft 25 Win Loomis 16 Set 2 Taft 25 Win Loomis 18 Set 3 Taft 25 Win Loomis 18 What a great way to celebrate our Taft Parents by giving them a tremendous win on Parent's Weekend. We gave the parents something to cheer about. Moreover, they can be very proud of their daughters on the varsity volleyball team! The week started with a pancake trip to IHOP and then the seniors were given a day off to work on their college applications. I believe events like these are helping us to win both on and off the court. We have learned to keep our composure on the court by remaining even keeled when the pressure is on. We also know we cannot take each other for granted and we have bonded as individuals who care more about the team than themselves. We have learned to protect each other under our ongoing team theme, "Umbrella"! We know our job and our responsibility is to "be where you are when you are there" and this mentality is putting us in a great place. The ENTIRE team... the players, the bench, the managers, scorekeepers, the fans in the stands witnessed a great volleyball match. I am just so proud of the team on so many levels. From our locker room talk to the "212 degree intensity" everyone was totally invested in today's victory. Our offensive play at the net was very strong with Osi Bialunska leading the team with 10 kills followed by Finely Delafield with 7, sister Addie had 6, Kayla Robinson 5 and Kaia Whiteley 4. The attackers spread out the court making it very difficult to defend our hitters. We had very timely blocks from Kaia Whiteley, Kayla Robinson, Osi Bialunska, and Addie and Finely Delafield. The serving line was also our friend today. Our six servers also contributed to the positive outcome. Elizabeth Baratta had 18, Olivia Wivestad had 14, Osi Bialunska had 12, Anna Csigirinszkij had 11, Addie Delafield had 8, Coco Hardy 7, Emily Hardy had 3, and last, but not least, Finley served the match winning point! In addition, our defensive passing was accurate and allowed our setter Emily Hardy to run our plays. The major take away is the confidence we are building in ourselves. We will continue to hold ourselves to the high level of play we demonstrated today and we will work hard to "be better", (a term I borrowed for a former Taft player)!