Volleyball - Varsity
Deerfield Academy
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Win 3-0
Taft 3 Deerfield 0 Set 1 25-21 W Set 2 25-22 Win Set 3 25-9 Win Today was Senior Day at Taft and the underclassmen prepared a lovely tribute to their beloved Seniors. personal booklets, cookies, cake, posters, and lemonade was ready. Flowers were presented to each senior and manager before the game started. We presented flowers to the Deerfield Seniors also. Although our spirits were high we were a bit "all around" flat and had a hard time getting our game feet moving. Sadly, our passing was not as accurate as it has been and we missed a number of serves, therefore the first and second game scores were much closer than we would have liked. In the third game, we regrouped and dominated. I am happy that we were able to give the Seniors a win on their home court and hopefully we will receive a HOME court bid come NE Tournament time. Next up Choate on Wednesday.