Volleyball - III
Choate Rosemary Hall
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Win 3-0
The Rhinos came out strong and steady for our game against Choate. Our players performed with accuracy, attention and intention - bringing us to a 3-0 victory (25-14, 25-14, 27-25). In the first set, an eighteen minute game, Elvira Garcia Rodriguez '20 and Celine Anyaegbunam '21 led with straight, hard-hitting serves (nine and ten respectively). Alina Ahmad '20 had a couple of sweet tips to other other side. Such precision led us to a win without fully rotating through all six positions. The second game featured some wonderful three-touch plays. Sinthya Guaman had some incredible passes to the other side, resulting in her first points this season. Fa Taepaisitphongse had some great digs from the back row. Captain Megan Sng '19 got the 25th point with an awesome ace. The last set was a nail-biter. Although we came out on top, Choate had some deep serves and a hustle that brought us to a 27-25 overtime win. We felt the exhaustion of playing two tough sets and then the exhilaration of playing to win each point. We were down and came back to win. As we got back ground, Choate kept the game close, responding point for point until the very end. Keren Egu '21 led the set with serves. Ari Bushka '21 received the ball with great digs from the back row. Elvira Garcia Rodriguez had the game winning serve. Everyone played and played hard. We have a bit of a break but are back on the court next Saturday, away at Rumsey Hall School.