Field Hockey - Varsity
Loomis Chaffee School
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Win 2-1
Our first Founders match of the season is always against Loomis and both teams always rise to the occasion. We had the exciting opportunity to play at night under the lights. It was a little nerve-wracking during warm-ups as the lights in the center of the field would not turn on, but our equipment manager, Pat O’Toole and Jordan from our grounds crew, saved the day and got them working. It was also our first home game on the season and after a great practice under the light the night before, the team was fired up ready to take on the Pelicans. Loomis scored first with only 3 and half minutes off the clock. They earn a corner quickly and they put a lot of girls in front of the net. The ball went in after a scramble. That is a lot of time to maintain a 1-0 lead so we were confident that the game could still be ours. It was an incredibly fast-paced game with the ball constantly moving up and down the field. Early in the game, Loomis was doing a better job of stepping to the ball but we quickly fixed that after we scored. Our goal came on a fantastic passing combination down the field. Amelia Allen cleared it out of the defensive end and found Abigail Hano in the midfield. Abigail carried the ball and passed off to Olivia King who quickly dished the ball off to McKinley Karpa who was cutting hard down the left wing. Using her forward momentum, McKinley one-timed it hard to the fall right corner of the net. The goalie didn’t even have time to set up. The whole sequence had taken 20 seconds! With the game tied a 1 apiece, Loomis was able to create a scramble in front of the net. Our defenders were trying to clear the ball out but the ball got stuck under Phoebe’s pads and the ref awarded a penalty stroke. Phoebe made an incredible glove save which kept us in the game. We went into the second half tied at one apiece. The whole team was playing great and we knew we only needed one goal. It came with 18 minutes left in the game. Again McKinley had the ball coming into the circle on the left side. She hit a lot of traffic and was tackled and began to fall forward. As she was falling she saw Liv Santini cutting in hard from the right and as McKinley fell she passed it over to Liv who slammed it into the net just beating the goalie and the post with maybe an inch to spare on each side. We now had to maintain this lead and for the next 14 minutes we continued to dominate and control possession but Loomis was able to really press us with about 5 minutes left. We struggled to get it out of our defensive end and Loomis earned a couple of corners. Phoebe had a key save at this time. She took a hard shot and cleared it out of the circle and over the sideline which really changed the momentum. We then took a timeout which allowed us to regroup. We controlled possession the best we could and almost scored with less than one minute left. Corinna Dorr cleared the ball out of the circle hard and sent the ball up the middle of the field. McKinley cut hard onto the loose ball and was able to touch is past their last defender and got the ball into the circle for a 1 vs. 1 with the goalie. However, the Loomis defender recovered quickly and was able to get a stick on McKinley’s shot which just went wide. With only seconds left on the clock, loomis worked hard to get the ball up the sideline but Lauren Hoey was there to slow them down. The clock ran out and we won an incredibly exciting game. The whole team contributed to this great win. Every player on the field and on the bench contributed to this amazing win! Thanks to all the fans who made signs, cheered and supported us in the cold. Thank you to the parents for the great dinner after the game. We travel to GA on Wednesday.