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Convent of the Sacred Heart
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Convent of the Sacred Heart
Win 3-1
Taft 3 (record 4-1) CSH 1 Set Scores: 22-25L, 25-22W, 25-9W, 25-15W There was something special today that cemented the team together. Perhaps it was the quick 5 minute warm-up after a long bus ride, or dropping the first game. Maybe it was having the JV team cheer us on after their win, or best of all, seeing former standout player and last year's Assistant Coach,Idara Foster and her mom walk into the gym. I'm not entirely sure which it was or if it was a combination of all these things, but the girls were glued in a synchronization of desire, focus and intensity. They played with heart and they played for each other. They complemented each other, and they battled for each other. It was a beautiful thing to watch! Moreover, it will prepare us for an intense game against Hotchkiss on Wednesday at Home. Highlights include: Addie Delafield having 12 kills. Osi Bialunska was right behind her with 11and Kayla and Kaia each had 9 and 8 respectively. On the serving front Osi had 25 points, 5 aces. Addie and Anna Csigirinszkij each had 17 points with 3 aces. Elizabeth Baratta put in 16 serves with 3 aces and the Hardy sisters scored a total of 21 points. Coco had 12 and Emily had 9. Our high percentages in serving and our high percentage of kills off attacks at the net proved to be the difference makers. CSH is a very solid team and we will meet them again at our home court in a few weeks. I am very proud of how the team played and supported each other on and off the court. Today everyone was protected under our team "Umbrella"!