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Deerfield Academy
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Deerfield Academy
Loss 0-7
Taft 0 Deerfield 7 (4-10 overall) BJV Tennis may have lost today at Deerfield, but the team played well as a whole and made their coach proud. It was a great day. Our managers Leigh and Wilson saw us off with snacks and water, and it was a warm sunny day in Watertown. In Deerfield, Mass, the cold was already arriving when we got there. It was a great day of tennis, but the big points did not go our way. At one point Taft and Deerfield - Varsity and JV - had a total of 15 tennis matches going on, and all of them had great tennis. My team fought hard. Having the Taft Varsity Team right there, slugging away, served as a great natural motivator for the JV team. Five doubles matches took the court, and the sun was still out. #5 Tate Phillips and Joe Reiser played excellent doubles together and charge net after big serves. Tate and Joe won 8-4. #4 doubles Mac Culbertson and James Birge also dominated the net and won 8-4. Unfortunately, the top three doubles matches (the only ones that count toward the official match score) did not win. #3 doubles team Tony Liu and Jonathan Cheng did their best but came up short 3-8. #2 dubs - Nick Winicki and Phil Huang - were out played by a dynamic duo of brothers, losing 1-8. At #1 dubs, Co-captains Marcus Valenta and Henry Anrig, despite a valiant effort, lost barely in a nail biter 8-9 (5-7TB). So the doubles point went to the green team. We gave them a good battle in singles, and for a time there I thought we were going to pull it out, but Deerfield just wouldn’t miss. The top six lost, but 7 and 9 won. Co-captain and #1 Marcus Valenta played beautiful tennis, and made his opponent work for every point, but this seasoned, Deerfield senior took it 6-2, 6-4. At #2 Co-captain Henry Anrig was also forced to work hard both mentally and physically. He lost 7-6 (7-5), 6-4. Coleman Jennings, definitely still acclimating to a very cold spring in New England, played excellent tennis but just couldn’t grab those big points in the end. Fatigue may have been a factor: Coleman took the first set 6-2, but dropped the second 4-6. The cold was upon us, and rather than play a third set, we agreed to super tiebreakers at the split. Deerfield won the super tiebreaker 10-6. It was a tough loss, and a great match to watch. Tony’s match was another good one, and our team was cheering him on, and you could see it helping. Tony Liu, #4, drops the first set 5-7 but comes back to win the second 6-1. The super tiebreaker did not go Tony’s way, 4-10. #5 Nick Winicki had many respectable points but was beaten 6-3, 6-3. #6 Philip Huang played hard and kept the ball deep, but yet again, the consistency and relentlessness of the Deerfield grit took another match from the Rhinos: 6-4, 6-4. # 7 Tate Phillips won his exhibition match 8-4 and played beautiful tennis. Tate moved well and showed a great sense of understanding when to be defensive, and when to be offensive. #8 Lachlan Berray was running out of gas, after a long week, trip, and morning of taking ACTs….Lachlan did not have his usual game and lost 8-3. Taft’s #9 Joe Reiser, with family watching in frozen support, pulls out a calm 6-2 win, after playing doubles (and winning) AND combing the Deerfield campus in search of the tennis courts after his late bus dropped him off because he had taken the ACTs…it is incredible what these kids can do in one day! Thank you to all the family members who came out to support while enduring the arctic blast that was gripping everyone out there! Team Record: 1-1 Salisbury: W Deerfield: L Coach Kevin Conroy Managers Leigh Sharpless and Wilson Hafner