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Fall 2021


Zach Schonbrun ‘05

Adam Nagler’s paddleboard expedition from Virginia to Nantucket, Massachusetts, in 2021 was a natural evolution of years of commitment—and demanded grit and determination. Paddling 724 miles for 34 days on the water required the constant balancing of board and body with every ocean variable, including tropical storms. Nagler’s expedition helped raise funds for a Nantucket community-based mental-health clinic and addiction treatment center.


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The Sounds of Silence: Vanessa Holroyd '90
Christopher Browner '12

Before March 2020, Vanessa Holroyd ’90 was juggling two successful careers—as an in-demand classical flutist performing throughout the Northeast and as the co-owner of the music/entertainment agency Music Management. But early in the pandemic, due to shuttered concert halls and no in-person events, she had to quickly adapt to the “new normal” for her music and business careers.

Photo Credit: JILL PERSON

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Alumni Spotlight

Well Told

Dyllan McGee '89

As founder and executive producer of McGee Media and MAKERS, and a two-time Emmy award-winning filmmaker, Dyllan McGee ’89 keeps creating and working on quality productions. Among these are the top-rated PBS show Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Not Done: Women Remaking America. Telling the stories of the underrepresented has been a life calling for McGee.

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It's About Service

Dr. Tarik Asmerom ’01

Dr. Tarik Asmerom ’01, an emergency room physician at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, and an assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine, has been on the front lines of the pandemic along with colleagues, treating COVID patients of all ages and adapting to frequent changes as the science evolves.

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Tearing Into Art

Barnaby Conrad III '70

In this first biography of French artist Jacques Villegléin English, Jacques Villeglé and the Streets of Paris, Barnaby Conrad ’70 portrays this father of Street Art as as France’s greatest living artist. Conrad is an artist himself, as well as an editor and author, and lived in Paris in the 1980s, but he first met Villeglé at a gallery in San Francisco in 2003.

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Immersed in Watersheds

Chris Malik '76

Chris Malik ’76 helps keep Connecticut’s water clean through his work for the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Malik serves as Southwest Coastal, South Central Coastal, and Connecticut Mainstem watershed manager. It’s a job that is especially gratifying, he says, and where he can make a positive impact on the world.

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A Twist on Perspective

Margeaux Walter '01

Photographer and multimedia artist Margeaux Walter ’01 finds inspiration for the colorful reflections on society she creates and then photographs from things that are often part of daily life: reading a newspaper, walking down the street, going into a store. She creates a tableaux to present concepts of humans’ relationships with their environments.

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