Clubs, Activities, and Student Leadership

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Tafties are more than just students, they are activists, athletes, actors, and authors. They celebrate culture, catch fish, and create art. They are leaders, readers, and eaters. Whatever your passion, there is a way to indulge it at Taft, through our wide range of clubs, networks, publications, and organizations.

Taft hosts an activities fair near the start of each academic year, where students can learn about the roster of clubs and organizations currently active on campus. Tafties are always encouraged to bring new ideas to the community, or to bring back clubs that were once part of Taft’s history. With a solid game plan and a commitment from an advisor, the sky is the limit.

Clubs and Activities

Our broad and ever-changing list of clubs and programs includes, naming only a few:


  • Taft Improv
  • Fleeting Thoughts
  • Hydrox & Oriocos A Cappella Groups
  • T-rap
  • Taft Illustration Club
  • Masque and Dagger
  • Music Listening Club


  • Taft Coding Club
  • Geo Club
  • Women in Compsci

Publications & Media

  • Global Journal
  • The Taft Papyrus
  • Taft Business Review
  • The Taft Language Magazine
  • Taft International Review
  • The Annual

Service and Philanthropy

  • Global Medical Service Association
  • The Red Rhino Fund
  • Taft Interact Club
  • Her Flow, My Concern
  • Taft Girl Up

Spiritual Life

  • FOCUS (Fellowship of Christians at Universities)
  • Religion and Spiritual Life Council
  • Jewish Student Organization (JSO)

Health, Wellness, Sports, Recreation

  • Winter Walking
  • RAFA
  • Taft Recreational Sports Club
  • Model United Nations Club
  • Debate
  • Democrats of Taft
  • The Political Awareness Club
  • Taft Republican Club

Politics & Current Events

  • Model Congress
  • Taft Republicans
  • Taft Democrats
  • Taft International Relations and Public Policy Chamber
  • Debate Club
  • Model United Nations

Social Consciousness

  • The UNICEF Club
  • The Wildlife Conservation Club
  • Environmental Awareness Club
  • Animal Humane Society
  • More than 4

Special Interests

  • Snacks on Sunday
  • Frisbee Club
  • French Club
  • Japanese Culture Club
  • The Taft Financial Society
  • We Need a Bigger Table
  • Sunshineology
  • Chess Club
  • Mosaic
  • European Affinity Group
  • Lost and Found at Taft
  • The Taft Typing Club
  • Every Mind Matters
  • The Black Alliance Club
  • GALS (Girls Acting Like Sisters)
  • SAAP (Sexual Assault and Awareness Prevention)
  • The Monetary Literacy Club
  • African Dance Club
  • Taft Cooking Club
  • Student Engagement Council
  • Formula One and Motorsports Club
  • Taft Quiz Bowl
  • The Loki Society
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance
  • UCT (United Cultures of Taft)
  • Pan-Asian Affinity Group
  • Somos Taft
  • The Middle Eastern Youth Alliance
  • Medical Education Club
  • CCS Pen Pal
  • Shades
  • Females in Finance
  • Psychology of Crime
  • Taft Etiquette Club
  • HONG
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Pro-Choice Club
  • Girls with Gains
  • History Club (formal alias TBD)

Student Leadership

Leadership opportunities abound at Taft. From positions in student government to team captainships, editorial posts, club and organization officers, or dorm monitors, there are many ways, both formal and informal, for students to build and share leadership skills while effecting positive change in our school community. Opportunities include, but are not limited to:


Taft on Leadership

Leadership is choosing to act with empathy, integrity and courage to help one’s group achieve its goals.

Expectations for Taft’s Student Leaders:
  • I will be principled in my actions, ambitious in my goals, energetic in my duties, open-minded in my interactions with others and respectful in my communications with everyone.
  • I understand that the role of class committee member/school monitor/dormitory monitor is constantly changing and that circumstances may require difficult decisions and different tasks than have been required in the past.
  • I will invest myself in the process of learning good leadership.
  • I will work with faculty and my fellow committee members/monitors to construct an identity for my group that encompasses a diversity of viewpoints and serves the larger Taft community.
  • In order to act with moral authority, I will conduct myself in accordance with the Honor Code, the rules of the community and with the highest personal integrity.

Tafties Attend United Nations SDG Action Day

Seniors Rina Kurihara and Theresa Alves recently had the opportunity to serve as delegates at the United Nations’ 2023 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Action Weekend at UN headquarters in New York City.