Weekends at Taft

Most Saturdays at Taft are academic days, with classes running until noon. Students participating in interscholastic sports will almost always have a game or practice on Saturday afternoon; students not participating in athletics can cheer their peers on at home games, walk into town, study, relax with friends, or, on “open” weekends, go home or to a friend’s house. About half of our weekends are open, meaning students may sign out to leave campus overnight after fulfilling all of their academic and afternoon program obligations. We also have long weekends every term, and at least one Monday per term where classes are not in session.

Day students are both permitted and encouraged to stay on campus until check-in on the weekends, and occasionally stay on campus overnight to be a part of the many fun things that happen every weekend. There are organized activities, like athletics, movie nights, coffee houses, dances, or rallies, and opportunities to make a difference, like participating in a charity walk or a community service project. There are often club meetings and activities on the weekends, or special events hosted by campus groups and organizations. There are cultural celebrations, arts performances, game nights, and off-campus excursions. Tafties hang with friends, skate on Potter’s Pond, ride bikes, take trips to the mall, dine out, create music and art, play pick-up games in the gym, go skiing, work out…the options are almost unlimited.

Many Taft students walk to worship services at nearby churches on Sunday mornings. Transportation is usually available for students hoping to attend services a little further away.