Health and Wellness Programs

In addition to the resources offered by the Martin Health Center and Counseling Office, Taft supports student well-being through both formal programs and more informal, organic conversations. Advisors, deans, teachers, coaches, and school monitors work together and with students to encourage responsible decision-making and promote a healthy school culture.

Taft’s I Block program, required of all lowermids and new mids, provides a regular time for students and teachers to discuss health and well-being. Students discuss issues such as building healthy relationships, intimacy, substance use, social media, and good decision-making. This program is designed to encourage responsible decision making and reinforce an appreciation for care of oneself and others.

In addition to the I Block curriculum, outside speakers regularly address the entire Taft community, often speaking during Morning Meeting and then spending the day on campus, engaging in small group Q & A sessions to discuss issues surrounding well-being and healthy decision making.

Recent speakers/topics include:

  • Chris Herren (drug and alcohol abuse; self-esteem)
  • Michael Thompson (self-esteem, bullying, emotional lives of boys, communicating with boys)
  • Heidi Kasevich (women’s leadership/empowering girls)
  • Alex Myers (gender identity and sexuality)
  • Cindy Pierce (sexuality and decision making; sexual consent; peer pressure)
  • Speak About It (consent, boundaries, and healthy relationships)
  • Marya Hornbacher (eating disorders; mental health)