Living on Campus

Living on Campus

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At Taft, we live where we learn, and learn where we live. Our dorms are meant to be, in every sense, a home away from home. For more than three-quarters of our student body, they are just that: they are places where friendships are formed, faculty becomes family, and comfortable spaces abound. They are where students live together, learn together, and grow together. For many, it is the first time they are living away from home. Our Residential Life team, which includes a director, dorm heads, resident faculty, deans, and dormitory monitors, is here to help.

Girls live in five houses: Centennial, Congdon, McIntosh, Upper School Girls Dorm (USGD), and Vogelstein. Boys live on the upper levels of Charles Phelps Taft (CPT) and Horace Dutton Taft (HDT) Halls and in Cruikshank House, all of which are connected on the lower level by our “Main Hall.” Main Hall is our campus hub: many classrooms, administrative offices, dining halls, and arts spaces are either on or accessed by this corridor, which runs end-to-end though CPT and HDT. The sense of community that Mr. Taft so valued and sought to build is given inherent rise through our architecture, as students, faculty, and administrators cross paths on Main Hall time and again throughout each day.

Meet the Director of Residential Life

Ms. Duffy works closely with students, resident faculty, and deans to create a happy and healthy environment in our dorms.

The Role of Our Resident Faculty

It takes a village; we’ve got one.

The Role of Dormitory Monitors

Dormitory monitors are student leaders who guide, mentor, and assist students with the ins and outs of dorm life, while working with resident faculty to help keep the dorms running smoothly.

Campus Life at a Glance

Wonder what it's like to be part of the Taft community? Take a peek at life at Taft.

Residential Life Mission Statement

The goal of the Residential Life Program is to create a safe, happy, healthy, living environment where Taft students can grow emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Principles of the Residential Life Program

  • To act with honor and integrity
  • To serve others unselfishly
  • To be morally thoughtful
  • To be a good citizen
  • To live a healthy and balanced life
  • To work cooperatively and collaboratively for the good of Taft